Jake’s Jig is Up: Catfish Rabbi Indicted, but Not for Rape

Sep 14, 2023 7:17 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s District Attorney’s Office unveiled charges against Rabbi Yosef Mordechai Pariser, 35, for falsely presenting himself on dating sites as a secular individual named “Jack Segal” to deceive women. The indictment does not contain charges of rape or sexual misconduct, though it does claim that Pariser fraudulently obtained intimate photos, videos, and relationships from 30 women under false pretenses.

Rabbi Pariser, who is associated with Or Yerushalayim Yeshiva and has a family of his own with two children, reportedly began this series of deceitful acts in 2016. Utilizing dating apps, he would engage with women and then proceed to meet them in person under the false identity.

To lend credibility to his disguise as “Jake Segal,” Pariser described himself as a bachelor, claiming employment at a guide dog association. Many of his interactions involved empty promises of commitment and fidelity.

Evidence suggests Pariser’s manipulative endeavors started with a 40-year-old woman he engaged with on the OK-Cupid platform. Their meeting in Jerusalem led to intimate encounters, with Pariser fabricating reasons to avoid hosting her, including falsely claiming religious roommates. He repeatedly misled her, emphasizing a supposed longing for serious commitment. The woman, trusting his words, had multiple encounters with him. The prosecution highlighted the gravity of his deceit, pointing to the numerous events and his systematic, cunning approach to fulfill his personal desires.

The indictment revealed that some relationships spanned years. Pariser occasionally portrayed himself as a prior religious adherent, a newcomer to Israel without familial ties, or as a betrayed partner. Alarmingly, he even persuaded one woman to consider having children with him after engaging in unprotected intimacy. Discussions about potential marriage and lifetime commitments were not uncommon.

While OK-Cupid was his primary platform, by 2020 Pariser expanded his operations to other sites like Tinder, always with misleading profiles. The most recent incident recorded in the indictment occurred just three months prior, with Pariser using the Rumble app, perpetuating the same deceitful narrative he’s maintained for years.


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