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Grappling with hasbara challenges – opinion

As I try to grapple with our current hasbara (public diplomacy) challenges, I have tried to think how I would portray all the various issues involved, in poster form.| Read More – Opinion 

Winning the war through education – opinion

By prioritizing authentic and immersive Jewish education for our young people, we will ensure that the torch of Jewish pride and resilience is passed down for generations to come.| Read More – Opinion 

TL;DR: A generation that skims – opinion

We must acknowledge that long texts that carry complexity and layers are not written with the intent of being read in two-minute spurts with mundane distractions and digital notifications around us.| Read More –...

Stop funding the new ISIS – opinion

A clever strategy allows Hamas-Gaza to benefit from both worlds: It enjoys the advantages of sovereign rule while simultaneously avoiding the heavy responsibilities that states incur.| Read More –...



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