Bamba Back? Balancing Bites or Bans as Schoolbells Beckon

Aug 26, 2023 11:17 am | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

In a brave new beit-sefer beginning, Bamba is bouncing back in book-packed Israeli backpacks. Based on a bona fide breakthrough, buzz is building. But beware: there’s a biting back-story. Here’s a brief breakdown of the brouhaha.

Beloved Bamba was banished because of budding allergies, but a board of brilliant allergy boffins beseeched betei-sefer to bid bye-bye to the bans.

But, behold! This is Israel. For each bold breakthrough, there’s a battalion that believes it’s a blundering bad bet. This brigade, the body backing our brightest boys and babes, believes bringing back Bamba is balderdash. Betach

Shall we bundle our brood in a bubble? As school bellsbeckon, will Bamba bounce back into lunchboxes or be banished to a blacklist? Bets?


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