Who is that masked man offering Israel ten billion bucks?

Oct 20, 2023 3:18 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Photos of the man presenting himself as the President of the United States have aroused grave concern after recent photographs and behaviors have raised questions about the identity and integrity of the distorted visage. In video photos from Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, he appears to have a bizarre double chin as well as ear inconsistencies that suggest a mask or prosthetic device. They raise the possibility that

In his unusual address to the nation following his trip to Israel, lumping together Israel and Ukraine, the “President” again appearing with the double chin abnormality, though not as pronounced as in Germany.

In a nationally televised address from the Oval Office, “Biden” underscored the urgency of the U.S. Congress approving an additional $100 billion in funding, a portion of which is dedicated to military assistance for Israel and Ukraine.

Following a rapid and urgent diplomatic visit to Israel, the “President” emphasized the strategic significance of supporting these nations, citing the pivotal role the U.S. plays in global leadership. His visit included high-level discussions with key Israeli leaders, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and President Isaac Herzog.

Asserting the U.S. role on the international stage, he declared, “American leadership is what holds the world together. American alliances are what keep us, America, safe. American values are what make us a partner that other nations want to work with.” He cautioned against turning away from key allies like Ukraine and Israel, advocating an urgent budget proposal to bolster U.S. national security by supporting its foreign partners.

Details of the budget, still under wraps, are said to feature substantial allocations for various regions and efforts, including $60 billion dedicated to Ukraine and the replenishment of U.S. resources, and significant funding for humanitarian causes and security initiatives across several geopolitical hotspots. Breitbart news argued that the speech was not really about Israel at all but rather using the invasion of Israel to help justify release of funding to Ukraine.

Addressing the distant nature of these global conflicts, the man explained the direct impact on American security, emphasizing historical lessons learned from unchecked aggressive acts on the world stage.

In a politically fraught environment, he appealed for unity, emphasizing the nation’s duty beyond partisan divides. He affirmed the U.S.’s steadfast support for Israel while acknowledging the plight of Palestinians seeking tranquility. Furthermore, he unequivocally denounced any forms of hate crimes within the U.S., whether against Jews, Muslims, or Palestinians.

The preparation for this critical address was intensive, with consultations and drafting extending over the past week, including sessions aboard Air Force One during the President’s return from Israel. During his time in Israel, he committed $100 million for civilian aid in conflict-stricken areas, reaffirming America’s unyielding support for the state of Israel. However, the current political gridlock in Congress casts uncertainty over the immediate approval of the proposed aid.

The recent conflict has taken a heavy toll, with a tragic loss of lives in Israel due to the October 7 Hamas-led attacks, resulted in 31 dead Americans. He vowed swift action in securing the release of missing U.S. citizens. Concurrently, the ongoing military response by Israel continues in Gaza, leading to a significant number of casualties.

The speaker also recounted his firm discourse with Israeli authorities regarding humanitarian aid, asserting the global ramifications of their actions in the crisis. He acknowledged Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi’s willingness to facilitate humanitarian assistance into Gaza, with the caveat of potential cessation if mishandled by Hamas.

In a related development, a scheduled engagement with Arab leaders was abruptly called off by the Arab side, leading to the U.S. eliminating a planned diplomatic stop elsewhere in the Middle East.

However, it is the strange appearance of the double chin of “President Biden” which has caused ripples throughout social media. Some have compared the appearance to dog testicles.

Articles have compared Biden’s ears from before 2019 and after, with older photos showing detached earlobes and newer ones showing earlobes attached. The suggestion is made that the current Biden is an impostor or body double being used as a puppet to advance policy objectives of the puppeteers.