“Unprecedented” pounding of Gaza as city circled by fire

Nov 5, 2023 9:17 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

IDF forces have encircled Gaza city on all sides and is applying heavy firepower from the air described by Arab media as “unprecedented.” Electricity and communication have gone down in the Strip.

Earlier, Israel open humanitarian routes to allow civilians to flee south, trying to empty the northern half of Gaza so that the IDF can root out the terrorists from their tunnels and underground command centers.

PM Netanyahu ruled out any ceasefire unless hostages were freed. He described the Hamas leader Sinwar as a “little Hitler” hiding in a bunker, although other analysts say that there is a good chance that he has already fled the Gaza Strip.

The IDF Spokesman reported that Hamas was caught firing rockets and storing weapons from residential area and even an abandoned amusement park. Abundant evidence was presented to show Hamas using hospitals as command centers and surrounding them with civilians.

Gaza is now completely divided between North and South, with civilians ordered now for more than 4 weeks to leave the area. There is expectation that the IDF will need to go directly to the command centers in the hospitals where Hamas is hiding.

High level sources are saying that Israeli intends to occupy Gaza for the forseeable future and will pursue its war goals of toppling the Hamas regime and returning the hostages even if international sanctions are to be applied.