IDF Declares ‘Readiness for War’, Calls Up Reserves amid Terrorist Infiltrations, Rocket Barrage

Oct 7, 2023 8:41 am | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

The Israel Defense Forces has declared a state of ‘readiness for war’ in the wake of massive rocket barrages from the Gaza Strip and infiltration by Hamas terrorists across Israel’s southern borders. It is 50 years to the day from the massive Yom Kippur war surprise attack.

Early Saturday morning witnessed rockets pounding regions across southern and central Israel, as well as Jerusalem. The attacks resulted in direct hits on multiple buildings in Tel Aviv and Ashkelon. Among the devastation, a rocket directly impacted a building in the Gederot Regional Council, tragically killing a woman in her 60s. Hamas has claimed that 5000 rockets were fired within a two-hour period.

Most shocking of all, the southern city of Sderot turned into a battleground, with IDF troops clashing with infiltrating Hamas terrorists. While the exact number of infiltrators remains unclear, casualties from this incident have been confirmed, and confrontations are ongoing. Terrorists are shown wandering residential neighborhoods with terrified residents filming from inside their besieged homes.

In retaliation to these actions, IDF has initiated airstrikes on strategic positions in the Gaza Strip, almost two hours after the surprise attack by Hamas began.

Mohammad Deif, military commander of Hamas, described the morning’s events as “the day of the great revolution.” He is actively urging Israeli Arabs to rise in arms against the state and encouraged Arabs from neighboring countries to join in the assault.

With the rocket sirens echoing in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas, residents are reporting the sounds of explosions.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi is assessing the situation and formulating action plans in response to these developments. The military’s statement has placed responsibility squarely on Hamas for the attack, indicating that the group will “bear the results and responsibility for the events.”