“Roaming Romeo” Rabbi Rapped with Rape

Sep 7, 2023 4:52 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Rabbi Yosef Mordechai Paryzer, a married 35-year-old man from New York City, faces charges of “rape by deception” following revelations that he lived a double life as a secular dating app Casanova.

Allegedly, Paryzer exploited fake identities to deceive multiple women on platforms like Tinder and Bumble. Using names such as “Jake Segal”, he carried on several relationships simultaneously. One deceptive liaison lasted for an astounding seven years.

Two of the wronged women took matters into their own hands, filing criminal complaints against him in Israel for rape by deception. Authorities count at least 32 women who have made complaints about Paryzer. 

Originally from Brooklyn, Paryzer shifted to Israel about a decade ago, assumed a position as a teacher in a Jewish yeshiva. However, in light of recent events, he has been terminated from this teaching role.

“Consensual sex performed under false pretenses, i.e., false identity of the perpetrator, is a criminal offense that is legally defined as rape,” stated the accusers, as reported by i24 news.

According to the police, Paryzer lured women by claiming he was a single man who lived with roommates and worked for a non-profit, training seeing eye dogs for the blind. One woman narrated her experience to Fox News Digital, sharing that she found Paryzer “very normal” initially, but then noticed inconsistencies in his stories, such as never being invited to his home and missing out on weekend get-togethers. Evidently the Rabbi was home on Shabbas.

Her doubts deepened when, after a disagreement, she went to the apartment where she believed he lived, only to find out he didn’t live there. With a bit of sleuthing, she reached out to other women whose names he’d mentioned and the web of deceit spun by “Jake the Snake” began to unravel further as they shared their stories about Paryzer.

In an emotional confrontation organized by the women, Paryzer was cornered like an animal, as they forced him to admit to dating them all at once. The bigger shock was the discovery that he was not only a rabbi but also married man with two young children.

Another woman, who met Paryzer on Bumble, recounted introducing him to her family. Her mother’s suspicions were piqued when she could find no online trace of him or through Jewish community channels.

Despite the damning allegations, Paryzer’s legal defense remains adamant. His attorney argues that while the rabbi’s actions might be deemed immoral, they don’t constitute a criminal offense. Catfishing, he suggested, was no crime. The lawyer commented, “All social media networks, and especially dating apps, are full of lies, every adult knows this. Claiming these were serious relationships lacks logic and common sense.”

Attorney’s for the so-called Rabbinical Tinder Swindler expressed confidence that they will be able to substantiate their claims once they possess all case materials and could impugn the accusing women as shameless hussies.


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