Report: IDF tells south Lebanon residents to head north ASAP

Nov 12, 2023 9:10 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

The Israeli Air Force this evening is reported to have dropped leaflets over areas of southern Lebanon advising residents to evacuate to the north immediately. There is anticipation of imminent IDF action to root out Hezbollah’s presence in the area after 5 weeks of provocation.

The attacks reached a climax today with dozens of projectiles of various types fired, the largest reaching more than 30 km (20 miles) into nothern Israel), including Haifa bay, all intercepted by Iron Dome. However, Hezbollah claimed the leaflets were fabricated and urged residents not to leave.

18 Israelis were injured in the spate of attacks across its northern border, one critically and another in serious condition. Most were civilians including a team of electricians near Dovev repairing damage caused by previous attacked and a farmer in his 80s. Soldiers were also injured lightly in an attack on a base in Menara. The IDF responded with heavy artillery fire and airstrikes.