Pornstar Mia Khalifa Breathes Dog Feces, So What Should We Expect to Come from Her Face Hole?

Jan 17, 2024 1:36 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

In a now-viral video, viewed by more than 10 million times in the last day or so, we find Mia Khalifa, celebrity “adult film” “actress” and outspoken performer on Only Hamasfans, tweeting a clip of herself berating an Israeli lady. Full story at The Times of Israel.

Lebanese-descent Mia claimed the Jew had been insulting her. We don’t see that in her video.

What we see and hear is Mia mocking the Jewish mom for waiting for a bus while she awaits her valet limo. Arab privilege.

Own goal Khalifa.

But the comely Sabra cougar is uncowed by this over the hill xxx celebrity, approaching her brazenly, flashing her chai pendant, telling her: Am Yisrael Chai! The Jewish People Live!

Mia cowers away, shrieking that the Israeli woman’s breath smelled like “knock-off falafel” (better than “godawful knockers”).

Almost concurrently with Mia’s tweet, instant internet karma deposited a nasty little secret on her virtual doorstep, a filming about which Mia seemed wholly and blissfully unaware.

A camera caught Mia letting her dog doing its business, then dutifully scooping up her pup’s product with her face mask. Oh.

Sure, we get it, that’s cool. We’ve all been there, no tissue, no TP, use what you have, right?

She put the doo-doo in the bin. Good girl. Except, after furtively looking around to see if someone is filming (they were), Mia then puts that same mask back on her face!

Let that one sink in. She covers her face with the mask she had just used to pick and throw the dog crap.

Maybe, one may claim, we’re making a mountain from a mulch-hill. After all that she’s put on her face and in her body cavities, a little dog dirt on the lips isn’t so bad, is it?

Not as bad as when she offered Hamas and its followers this unsolicited advice after October 7, evidently exhilarated from watching murders and rapes live-streaming from their invasion of Israel, calling the scenes of the attack “like a Renaissance painting”. In the same days she tweeted some technical advice to Palestinian cinematogehers:

“Can someone please tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal (sic),” she wrote on X.

Now that stinks! 

But we do agree that it would be better horizontal. Mia does better with horizontal.

Keep fertilizing your face, Mia. Your fans are watching.


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