Not Much Rapin’ Today, From the River to the Sea

Dec 7, 2023 4:15 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem, VJ Views

As the IDF tightens its grip on Gaza, routing and flooding tunnels, Hamas terorists are surrendering by the thousands, helpless, like dirty rats flushed from a sewer. Blinded by the light, they are stripped to their undies, left to dry out in the sun.

Long gone are the exhilirating and romantic memories of October 7, when they and their buddies could have their pick of the lovely Israeli ravers and the tiny kibbbutz pre-teens, raping and slaughtering them to their hearts’ content, cutting off their breasts, stabbing their vaginas, and shooting them in the back of their heads before or after they shot their flithy loads.

They’re not excitedly calling mom and dad and brother on WhatsApp, bragging of the 10 unarmed Jews they offed with their Kalach. They’re not casually tossing grenades into crowded shelters and laughing as the victims scream.

No, they are at last tasting the bitter defeat that is their due. They are reaping what they sowed. Getting a fraction of what they deserve, the rest to be paid later.

They want to invade and conquer the Zionist entity and replace it with Palestine from the River to the Sea. Instead they got flushed out with sea water and got their people washed out with them, never again to return.

They brought upon their fellow Gazans Nakba 2023, and it’s only just begun. On that glorious autumn day of the Al-Aksa Storm, the rich guys sitting in their Qatar sent you to die. Now two months later to the day, you’re sitting half-naked in the gutter, and they’re still lounging in their Five Stars.

There will be tens of thousands more like you in the days to come. The IDF will hold you in conditions better than you deserve, better than you force on the hostages you snatched from their bed and bases and still holds in your shitholes, after doing your dirty business to your eternal shame, you two-legged perverted animals.

You should remember one thing. You teach your children to kill Jews. You and your savages lust to rape Jewish girls. And to cut off the dicks of our men.

Your self-inflicted fate is exile if not death, not just you but your families, on whose heads you by your bestial actions have brought this repeating catastrophe.

You can’t stop saying that you love death, long to be suicide martyrs. You say you love death more than the stupid Jews love life. You prove it by your actions. Be our guest. Your wish is our command.

You want your 72 virgins, or raisins, or whatever nonsense your imam tells you and you and the others with the 82 inbred IQs?

As you cry and whine to the UN and your fellow Arabs, they’re not listening either. They don’t give a camel’s shit about you. You have acted yourself out of humanity, and you have dispossessed your own people of what little they had. The desert is your fate, as it was for Ishmael.

You have offended the God of Israel, and the Heroes of the IDF. You have desecrated His name. You have assaulted His people. You just made us stronger and united us as One.

The Lions of Judah are coming for you. All of you, and your families. Allahu Akhbar ain’t going to help you. You’ve signed your own death warrants, and theirs. You have Death coming to you. Coming fast and hard.

What does your God have to say about you boys stripped to your skivvies, handcuffed, on your fat asses and on your knees, obeying Jews? Is it prayer time yet?

You want Palestine from the River to the Sea. Genocide for the Jews. That’s what you and your people chant. That’s what you pray for. Better pray now.

Now the Sea is coming to Palestine, and Rivers will be running through your tunnels, and your streets, drowning you and flushing you out like the excrement you are.

No trees are going to shield you now. And no women and children will shield you, just the way you like it, cowardly filth.

Big heroes when confront unarmed women, grannies, babies. Not so courageous against Israeli soldiers, male or female.

No rapin’ today, habibi.


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