Netanyahu Before Departing To US: “Leftists Are Teaming Up With The PLO, Iran”

Sep 18, 2023 | Yeshiva World

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu flew to the US overnight Sunday for a week-long visit and met with billionaire Elon Musk at the Tesla factory in Fremont, California around noon EST.  The prime minister will then fly to New York, where he will meet with  US President Joe Biden and other world leaders at the UN General Assembly. Prior to his departure, Netanyahu spoke to the press about the left-wing protesters waiting for him in the US, saying: “Nothing surprises me anymore. Those organizing these protests are well-funded – these are well-funded and organized protests that cross all red lines. They’ve led to the blocking of major highways as if it’s something normal, as if the violent harassment of public figures is apparently normal, as if IDF refusal is normal. So when they go and spew their rhetoric against Israel to the nations, it also seems normal to them. It’s not normal for me. I never did such things when I was the head of the opposition.” “This is the 12th time, I believe, that I’m addressing the UN as the head of the government. There were always protests for and against Israel. But this time, we’re seeing protests against Israel by people who are teaming up with the PLO, Iran and others. Nothing is surprising anymore but that won’t stop me from representing Israel with pride and in the best possible way for all its citizens.” Leftist protesters organized a large rally outside the UN on Friday morning that will coincide with Netanyahu’s speech to the assembly. (YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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