Muslim Mobs in Russia Storm Airport Trying to Lynch Jews

Oct 29, 2023 9:40 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Residents of Makhachkala in the Russian Republic of Dagestan, heavily Muslim, stormed the city’s airport in an attempt to attack passengers arriving on a flight from Tel Aviv Sunday. Video clips show hundreds breaking down airport doors, running through the terminal, and even onto the tarmac in an apparent attempt to kill Jews and Israelis on the plane. Some screamed “Allah HuAkhbar.”

Videos show attempts to climb onto the wings of the plane, Red Wings flight #WZ4728 from Tel Aviv earlier tonight. in an attempt to break in. Some videos appeared to show confrontations of the mob with passengers. They have violently rocked a mini-bus transporting passengers, demanding a technician to say “where the Jews are.”

There are Israelis trapped either on the airplace or in the terminal, awaiting rescue. The Chief Rabbi of the Jewish community of Dagestan called for the evacuation of about 400 families, totalling about 1000 Jews, who reside in the Muslim-dominated republic.

Israeli N12 TV also reported that mobs in Muslim-dominated areas of Russia have been breaking into hotels looking for Israelis.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has contacted officials in Moscow, calling on Russia to protect Israeli and Jewish passengers.