Muddled Biden Backstabs Bibi, Undermines Israel

Nov 2, 2023 5:20 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Bumbling POTUS Calls for “Pause” in Conflict as Aides Leak Biden’s Doubts about Netanyahu’s Political Future

In a confusing twist of events, President Joe Biden’s administration appears to be pursuing a two-faced policy in its dealings with Israel, as reported by Politico. Amidst the backdrop of intense and bloody conflict fighting between Israel and Hamas and Hezbollah, Then, during a campaign speech in Minneapolis, he called for a “pause” in hostilities in contradiction to US policy.

This appeal for temporary peace was prompted by a heckler — an obsese woman dressed as a “rabbi” and later identified as Jessica Rosenberg.

“Mr. President, you care about Jewish people. As a rabbi, I need you to call for a cease-fire right now,” she demanded.

After the crowd tried to quiet her, she continued: “I would love for you to answer my question,” at which point Biden answered

“I think we need a pause,” Biden said. Asked to clarify what a pause meant, he said: “A pause means give time to get the prisoners out. Give time.”

The mentally impaired octogenarian’s use of the words “prisoners” spaked confusion and consternation. Was he referred to the captives that were kidnapped to Gaza or to something else.

Negotiations to free 142 remaining hostages, including 32 children as well as dozens of women and the elderly, have continued since Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack killed about 1,400 people in Israel.

He went on to say: “This is incredibly complicated for the Israelis. I can thoroughly understand the emotions on the Palestinian side of the argument and the Jewish side of the argument.” This, too, caused perplexity as he appeared to muddle his previously clear opinions opposing a stoppage in fighting. There is no evidence that there is any deal to release the hostages.

The call for a ceasefire follows unsettling news of American and other foreign nationals struggling to find safe passage out of the war-torn Gaza Strip. A poignant case is that of the Okal family from Massachusetts, visiting relatives when the conflict exploded, now awaiting evacuation under harrowing conditions.

The bizarre statement complicates the situation stemming from leaks from Biden’s private conversations with Netanyahu, where the president insinuated that Netanyahu’s tenure will be short-lived.

The internal discussions within the Biden administration have been rife with anticipation of Netanyahu’s political demise, possibly within months, especially given the Israeli PM’s dwindling approval ratings and public outrage over intelligence failures leading to Hamas’s attack on October 7. The attack resulted in 1,400 Israeli casualties and the capture of 239 hostages, exacerbating Netanyahu’s already precarious position. Some have suggested that Biden’s tanking popularity may lead to his demise first.

While some White House officials downplay the fixation on Netanyahu’s political future as mere speculation, Biden’s actions and private assessments suggest a more assertive stance towards Israel’s long-term leadership. The administration’s push for a ceasefire also underscores a broader strategy to prepare for various “day after” scenarios in Gaza, which includes the possibility of deploying a multinational peacekeeping force.

This blended narrative raises questions about Biden’s mental fitness and and his administration’s coherence in handling the U.S.-Israel relationship. While publicly maintaining strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself, there’s a growing perception of Biden’s confusion and mixed messages as he simultaneously subverts Netanyahu and advocates for a temporary cessation of violence contrary to his previously expressed positions and official American policy.