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Sep 18, 2023 | Yeshiva World

As Torah Jews, we know that daily learning is more than just an obligation; it’s a critical component of maintaining and nurturing one’s spiritual well-being. Regardless of a Jew’s vocation or profession, set times for daily learning have always been an integral part of our life regimen. Ashreinu that we are witness to a tremendous outburst of Torah learning in our generation.    But the Torah itself tells us clearly that without Mussar one cannot possibly achieve spiritual perfection. Shlomo Hamelech, in his great wisdom, sums it up clearly: החזק במוסר אל תרף נצרה כי היא חייך – “Hold fast to the study of Mussar, safeguard her for she is your life!” Although there may be times in one’s life that he may be exempt from other limudim, there never is an exemption from learning Mussar. Because we can never be exempt from learning how to live. Mussar is our life! While this obligation is well known and cited in so many of the leading poskim throughout the ages as a mandatory chiyuv, the reality is that much like physical diet and exercise falls by the wayside of our busy lifestyle, the same holds true for “spiritual diet and exercise” unless it’s given a daily set time.    The great founders of the Mussar movement have attested to the transformative impact of maintaining a daily regimen of Limud Hamussar. Rav Naftali Amsterdam ZTL, one of the leading disciples of Rav Yisroel Salanter, wrote: “On a day that I learn mussar, my thoughts, my words and my actions are of a completely different quality.”  In a similar vein the Mishna Brura writes –   וצריך האדם לקבוע לו עת ללמוד ספרי מוסר בכל יום ויום… שהוא יותר חיוב מכל לימודו. משנה ברורה א:יב Hachzek – the Daily Mussar Impact is an idea whose strength lies in its simplicity. Much like the Daf Hayomi, just over 100 years ago, was embraced by Klal Yisroel as an idea whose time has come, Hachzek, named for the famed adage of Shlomo Hamelech aims to make a brief, 5-minute, daily Limud Hamussar into a practical and attainable reality for Torah Jews from all walks of life.   While the idea sounds simple, a great deal of time, energy, and talent was invested to make this program a workable reality for all regardless of their background or vocation. The breakdown of the material into substantive, standalone, five-minute learning sessions designed for everyday learning makes this program slide seamlessly into anyone’s daily schedule.   GET YOUR FREE SHAREI TESHUVA WITH PROGRAM SIGN UP! On behalf of the growing family of Hachzek enthusiasts, we welcome you to this life-transforming journey where true happiness and connection to Hashem is found! To join or learn more about this new groundbreaking program visit https://www.hachzek.com/ or email hachzek@gmail.com or call 516-600-808 for more information.

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