Jew Lives Matter, A New Year’s Shmatte

Sep 12, 2023 1:24 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

When Kanye West seemed to appear in a pro-Jew T-shirt at New York Fashion Week, the epic act deserves a poem.

In New York’s heart where runways gleam

Fashion’s elite pursued their dream.

“Look! Kanye West!” whispers spread,

But it was Baron Jay in Kanye’s stead.

Jay’s shirt, it shouted, bold and blue,

“Jewish Lives Matter!” so all could view.

Not the real Ye, this Kanye clone,

Had a message to share, all his own.

With boots, sunglasses, and Yeezy flair,

Jay paraded, and the crowd did stare.

A YouTuber’s prank stole the scene,

Till Security came to intervene.

For years, Jay’s played the role so neat,

From bars to mitzvahs, he can’t be beat.

Their paths uncrossed, in public jest,

This fashion-Easter did not meet West.

With “Jew Lives Matter”  he seeks to joke,

Each cultured person can be Woke.

In a world where news is seen as fake,

Where race identities eas’ly shake,

Jay’s message rings loud, above the smear,

Promoting love, for the Jews’ New Year.