Israeli Minister invites anti-Israel Supermodel to Visit a Settlement

Aug 25, 2023 3:06 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Ben-Gvir takes on Israel-hating Bella Hadid: When Politics Meets the Catwalk

Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s National Security Minister, crossed virtual swords with Bella Hadid, renowned for…well, walking and posing.

The spunky minister, no stranger to standing his ground, responded to the fashionista after she decided to showcase his remarks to her vast Instagram audience. Ben-Gvir, without hesitation, welcomed the self-declared “Israel hater” supermodel to see for herself the reality of riding on the roads of Judea and Samaria.

A brave move? Of course. But when you compare Hadid’s competence on the catwalk expertise with Ben-Gvir’s knowledge of the art of political provocation, it’s hardly a fair fight.

Hadid’s Instagram stories — a mix of fashion shows, vacations, and anti-Israel political critiques — took a swipe at Ben-Gvir’s comments regarding Jewish rights in the West Bank. One can’t help but think: shouldn’t she stick to what she knows best?  “Does this remind anyone of anything?” she coyly wrote. But one can only wonder if her fashion week encounters come close to the complexities of Middle Eastern politics.

Ben-Gvir, not one to back down, especially to a supermodel-cum-Middle East expert, greeted her. “To the Israel hater Bella Hadid, good morning.” Then, in a surprising gesture, he invited her to visit and see the challenges faced daily by the residents of Judea and Samaria facing snipers and throwers of rocks and gas-bombs on the roads.

Will Hadid trade her high heels for a trip to Kiryat Arba? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, Israeli officials are up in arms, with some suggesting the minister is causing diplomatic damage. Perhaps they’re just upset they don’t have 60 million followers on Instagram? But let’s be real: are the high stakes of transport in the territories comparable to wearing high heels on a runway walk? Bella talks a good game. Let’s see if she walks the talk.

As Ben-Gvir faces a backlash for his backhanded invitation, the question remains: will Bella risk a ride to Beit-El?


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