Is the Biden Administration Recruiting Neo-Nazis for Ukrainian Death Squads?

Sep 6, 2023 3:45 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Journalist uncovers shocking evidence the United States is sending Nazi extremists to Ukraine, giving them medals for their service, protecting them and using them to recruit more mercenaries

Jewish American journalist Laura Loomer has released startling findings in a tweet on X, accusing the Biden Administration of not only recruiting but also supporting American neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and domestic terrorists. According to Loomer, these individuals are being transformed into mercenaries for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Loomer’s exposé sheds light on a recent gathering she encountered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, where participants, purportedly affiliated with extremist groups “Blood Tribe” and “Goyim Defense League” (GDL), displayed Swastika flags. A focal point of her report is one Kent “BoneFace” McLellan. Identified as an American citizen, McLellan allegedly received Ukrainian citizenship after his involvement in the Ukraine-Russia skirmishes.

Diving deeper into McLellan’s background, Loomer claims that after a 2012 arrest in Florida by the FBI and subsequent placement on the U.S. terror watch list, McLellan was reportedly recruited in 2014 by U.S. intelligence agencies. By 2022, he allegedly joined the notorious Azov Battalion, a group with neo-Nazi inclinations.

Upon his return to American soil, Loomer states that McLellan was honored with the US Army Expeditionary Medal. To bolster her assertions, she references social media imagery where McLellan is allegedly depicted alongside a civilian casualty while dressed in an Azov Battalion uniform. Loomer’s attempts to authenticate this image through forensic means apparently confirmed its legitimacy.

An alarming aspect of her revelations entails an alleged phone conversation with McLellan himself. Loomer indicates that this call, filled with what she described as his confessions, occurred after her personal contact details were leaked to him.

Loomer posted images of McLellan, and a video recording of police investigating his background and discovering his level federal connections.

If true, Loomer’s shocking allegations would implicate the American government in war crimes and active involvement in the Russia-Ukrainian War. She has previously reported that neo-Nazi and Ukrainian activists, allegedly working for the CIA, were involved in the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.


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