IDF screens raw videos of Hamas atrocities for journalists

Oct 23, 2023 5:48 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

At an army intelligence facility at Glilot in central Israel, a harrowing scene unfolded, captured in raw footage that journalists were invited to watch. The visuals, jarring to even the most hardened observers, depicted the grim reality of the onslaught and atrocities by Palestinian terrorists on October 7, 2023.

A father and his two sons, barely dressed, scramble from their home in a desperate bid for safety. As they seek refuge in a backyard shelter, a terrorist hurls a grenade into the shelter. The explosion is abrupt, the aftermath, chilling. The father collapses, and one of the boys, drenched in his father’s blood emerges. They are then dragged back into the house.


The children, bewildered and injured, are perched on furniture, their cries for their father piercing the heavy air. One boy’s fear is palpable as he voices his belief that they are to be killed. Amid this, a terrorist, wearing a Palestinian flag on his jacket, makes an incongruous offer of water. The boys’ refusal is heart-wrenching, their calls for their mother reverberating through the house. One boy, contorted in agony on the floor, questions his existence while his brother sits nearby, a blood socket where his eye once was.

The scenes, compiled from various sources — including GoPro cameras of the terrorsts, social media (including gruesome scenes uploaded by Hamas to the Facebook pages of the victims, and surveillance footage — were part of a 43-minute presentation by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The brutal offensive resulted in over 1,400 deaths and more than 4,000 injuries, with over 220 individuals taken captive.

Others clip show:

-A terrorist executing a young girl hiding under a cupboard.

-A terrorist hacking off a soldiers head with a hoe.

-Bloodied and mutilated bodies of some of the 260 murdered attendees at a rave and scenes of their massacre on the roads and in the fields.

The IDF exhibited evidence of the terrorists’ affiliation, displaying an ISIS flag recovered from a terrorist neutralized during the conflict. The assemblage of footage, some previously unseen by the public, painted a stark picture of the violence. Journalists witnessed civilians executed in their vehicles, homes ablaze, and the horrific aftermath of the carnage — from mutilated bodies to the terror-stricken faces of IDF soldiers cornered by the assault.

Reactions were visceral among the viewers, with audible gasps and whispered pleas for the horror to cease. The terrorists, though occasionally nervous, were relentless in their systematic hunting and killing of Jewish civilians, with gunfire even targeting the murdered.

One audio clip, particularly disturbing, featured a terrorist informing his parents of his murderous spree, greeted by his father’s exclamation of “Allahu akbar!” The mother expressed pride in her son and wished for his safe return.

The footage spared nothing, showing atrocities at a music festival and hostages in distress. Post-viewing, journalists were ushered out to collect their thoughts and belongings, many grappling with the emotional toll. IDF Spokesman Admiral Daniel Hagari addressed the decision to release the footage, citing a need for collective understanding and memory amid the ongoing battle.

Hagari emphasized that the attacks bore no reflection on Islam as a whole, despite the terrorists’ cries of “Allahu Akbar!” He declared the issue a matter for Islam to ponder, affirming Israel’s resolve to continue its fight against such barbarity, driven by a pursuit of justice for the heinous crimes against humanity.