Hamas Brought Nakba 2.0

Nov 7, 2023 7:48 pm | Virtual Jerusalem, VJ Views

One month ago, when Hamas launched its murderous surprise attack on Israel, its barbaric massacre of 1400 people, its kidnapping of 240 more – babies, children, women the elderly — what did they expect?

When they cut off breasts and carved babies out of mothers’ wombs, when they gang-raped women in front of their boyfriends, when they gouged out the eyes of soldiers and cut off the legs and arms of children in front of their parents, murdering one and then the other, when they grabbed grandmothers, babies and toddlers, strapping them on their motorcycles, carrying them crying into their tunnels, what did they think that the Jewish State would do?

Did they think that Israel, which rose from the ashes of the Holocaust, would just pack up and go home, lick its wounds and run whining to the United Nations, begging for mercy? Oh please, world, let us exist?

Now they see and feel the ground shaking under their feet. Perhaps they expected Israel to accept ceasefires and discussions about hostages? Perhaps they expected to inflict devastating ambushes and boobytraps on our Forces.  Perhaps they thought that the world would impose sanctions and a ceasefire.

That has not happened. Instead they have seen the fruits of the Jewish mind and the wonders of Israeli technology at work, in brilliant coordination between land, sea, and air. They have seen thousands of their fighters pulled from their tunnels and cut down by the thousands, day and night, unceasingly.

Now they see the civilians they used as human shields, whom they gunned down when they tried to flee, they see them flocking in their thousands behind IDF tanks, waving white flags, heading south to relative safety, grateful that Israeli is protecting them from their heartless and soulless rulers, intended only on creating more martyrs, promising to try again and again to visit a genocide on the Jewish State.

Now they see before their eyes a new Nakba of their own creation. In 1948, when the local Arabs and five surrounding Arab states refused the partition of Mandatory Palestine/Eretz Israel into two states, they thought then that they could wipe out the newborn Israel, history tells of us such scenes. They were told by their leaders to leave for a while to let the Arab armies finish off the Jews. Yes, the Jewish fighters under Ben-Gurion did their share to drive out Arabs from their midst as well. Such is War.

What Hamas did on Simchat Torah was not war. It was a massacre. And massacres lead to expulsion.

No one can now expect Israel to risk another such massacre. Should others try, they will find the scenes of fleeing Gazans repeated in multiples to the north and to the east. Should Hezbollah dare attack with their huge arsenal of missiles, they will soon find Beirut and Damascus turned to a smoldering ruin.

Let there be no mistake: Hamas has caused a second Nakba, and those fleeing northern Gaza will not return. There will be nowhere to return. Hamas brought about the ruin of the dream of replacing Israel. They and their backers deserve only eradication from the face of the Earth. To this end we are united.

Gaza, we state clearly, will be ruled by Israel and patrolled by the IDF indefinitely. Israelis will rebuild their communities in the north, and the south too, if Hamas continues to attack and hold our hostages.

Seventeen communities of Gush Katif were destroyed in the 2005 Disengagement. Israel expelled its own citizens and handed over the keys to the Palestinian Authority only to have Hamas take over after being elected by the peace-loving citizens of Gaza. We dug up our cemeteries and destroyed our own homes.

Then the rockets started raining on us and the tunnels dug to attack us from the Disengaged Land.

Now is the time to return.  Nova Katif will be reborn and no force on the earth can stop its rejuvenation.

The Army of Israel is showing its brilliant might, like a supernova giving birth to a new star.

God’s name was desecrated on Simchat Torah. God’s name will be restored in Nova Katif soon.

Hamas in its attempted mini-Holocaust didn’t just bring about a second Nakba. They awakened the sleeping Lion of Judah, bringing together the nation of Israel and Jews around the world to the realization that Only Israel is their one and only home. No other place on earth is now safe for them.

The land now being cleared in northern Gaza will be the future home of countless hundreds of thousands among the Jewish people. We now realize that there is no safety in the cities of Europe and now the US, thanks to the policies of Obama and his puppets, to be invaded by primitive murderous horde.

Hamas and the Palestinians, the whole Arab world, and the freedom-hating communists of the world, thought they could — by murder and kidnapping, by torturing and intimidating Jews — cow the People of Israel into submission and defeat.

They made a mistake. They are paying seven and seventy-fold.

With Amalek there can be no peace. For Amalek there can be no place.

Only unconditional surrender and safe return of the hostages can save them and theirs from total deletion.

They love death? They love martyrdom? They seek annihilation? B’vakasha.

They intend to bring genocide on the Jews. They brought on the “Palestinian” people Nakba 2.0.

And they have brought Am Yisrael together to be reborn, to be once again a free people in Our Land.