Dumped CIA Documents Reveal Bombshell: JFK Killing Patsy had a Religious Jewish Minder

Aug 2, 2023 4:23 pm | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Recent declassification of documents concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has revealed a startling detail that adds another layer of complexity to one of the most scrutinized events in American history. Reuben Efron, a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and a Jewish immigrant from Lithuania, has been identified as the CIA monitor assigned to Lee Harvey Oswald prior to the killing of President Kennedy.

Who Was Reuben Efron?

Efron was born in Lithuania and immigrated to the United States in December 1939. He enlisted in the Air Force during World War II and later worked for the U.S. government in various capacities, including participating in peace negotiations and talks related to the resettlement of war refugees.

The recent document dump revealed that Efron was the person responsible for monitoring Oswald’s mail while he was under CIA surveillance. Efron’s expertise in espionage was well-documented, and he had contributed essays on the subject in Jewish tradition.

Efron’s Connection to Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President Kennedy, was under surveillance by the CIA due to his relationship with the Soviet Union. Efron’s role in reading Oswald’s mail provides new insights into the level of attention the U.S. government was paying to Oswald in the months leading up to the assassination.

This revelation has led to new questions about whether the government knew more about Oswald’s intentions and whether there may have been a conspiracy to obscure the true nature of the assassination. The fact that Efron was a religious Jew who loved Midrash, and his connection to Jewish tradition, have also piqued interest.

Reflections on Espionage and Efron’s Later Life

Efron’s writings on espionage provide an intriguing glimpse into his thinking on intelligence and surveillance. He wrote articles for the Jewish Bible Quarterly, drawing connections between biblical stories and modern spycraft.

In retirement, Efron continued to contribute to intellectual discourse, drawing parallels between ancient Israel and the 20th century. His writings reveal a belief in the historical accuracy of the Bible and an admiration for the ethical principles exemplified by the people of Israel.

Efron’s Legacy and the JFK Assassination

The identification of Efron as the CIA screener monitoring Oswald adds a new dimension to the ongoing analysis of the Kennedy assassination. It raises fresh questions about what the government knew and why certain information was withheld for so long.

Efron’s Jewish identity and religious convictions add a unique angle to the story, sparking interest in his personal life and beliefs. His writings on espionage provide an insight into the mind of a man who played a behind-the-scenes role in one of the most pivotal moments in American history.

Ruben Efron was not the only Jew involved with Oswald. Jack Ruby, born Jacob Leon Rubenstein, was the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy, on November 24, 1963. Ruby’s act was captured on live television, adding to the intrigue and conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination.

Jack Ruby’s Background and Jewish Connection

Ruby was born to Jewish parents in Chicago in 1911. His parents were Polish immigrants, and he was raised in a Jewish household. As an adult, Ruby operated nightclubs and strip clubs in Dallas and had various connections to organized crime.

Alleged Israeli Connection

Some conspiracy theorists have alleged a connection between Ruby and the Israeli government or Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad. These theories often link Ruby’s motive for killing Oswald to a desire to prevent him from revealing any information that could implicate Israel in the assassination of Kennedy.

One of the bases for this theory is the claim that Ruby had connections to various criminal and political figures who were involved in anti-Castro activities and that some of these individuals had connections to Israel. Some theorists have further alleged that Ruby’s actions were influenced by Israel’s concerns over Kennedy’s stance on their nuclear program.

Investigation and Trial

The Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of Kennedy, found no evidence of a conspiracy involving Ruby or others in Oswald’s murder. Ruby was tried and convicted of murder with malice for Oswald’s killing and sentenced to death. However, his conviction was later overturned. He died of cancer in 1967 while awaiting a new trial.

While there were indeed connections between Ruby and the Jewish community due to his heritage, the claims of any direct involvement with the Israeli government or Mossad are highly speculative and have not been substantiated with concrete evidence.


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