Brazen Babe Bares in Bnei Brak

Aug 27, 2023 10:26 am | Ticker, Virtual Jerusalem

Bnei Brak’s bustling boulevards became bedlam briefly when a bold bubelah bared her bosom before bamboozled bystanders. Baruch, a bemused bucher, blurted: “By the beard of Benyamin! Behold those brazen boobs!”

The “Bubala Brigade” bemoaned the bawdy behavior, branding it “blatant boob-bullying.” Ben-Ezra Bernstein, Bubala’s boss, barked, “Blasphemy! This buxom display breaches basic boundaries! It’s a brassy barrage against our boys’ beliefs.”

But Benny, a bookish bachelor, bashfully babbled, “Bringing boobs to Bnei Brak? Bad. But boy, a breathtaking break from books!”

Bubbling with banter, Becca boisterously boasted: “Bare breasts in Bnei Brak? Bravo!” But Ben, bewildered, rebutted, “Boobs aren’t benevolent badges, Becky. Be better!”

Bnei Brak’s boys and babes are still buzzing about the busty breakout. Boob or blunder? You be the beit-din. But bet your bottom dollar, the Bubala Brigade will be bringing buchers with brassieres to baffle any breast-baring bubalas.


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