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Hezbollah Unveils Red Beret Brigade, Threatens Golan Invasion

New provocative video showcases Islamic fighters ready to break through borders and invade strategic Heights, signaling war escalation In a provocative display, Hezbollah has released a video showcasing fighters donning red berets, a move interpreted by many as a signal of impending conflict. The video, which has quickly gained traction across various media platforms, features approximately 1,500 well-armed and disciplined …

Sinwar’s Incriminating Letters Reveal Deep Divisions in Hamas

Embrace of Civilian Death as a Tactic is Backfiring as Israel Completes its Encirclement of the Terror Group Correspondence from Yahya Sinwar, the Hamas leader in Gaza, has shed light on the deep internal divisions within the group, impacting ongoing negotiations for a ceasefire and the release of hostages. As revealed by the Wall Street Journal, Sinwar’s communications with Hamas’s …

Hostage Rescue: Moral Miracle, Not Massacre

Examining the Misrepresentation of Military Operations and the Morality of Equating Israel with Hamas

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