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Man Drives Car into Torah Procession in London

After driving into the crowd, the driver made abusive comments like: "You Jews won't take over our neighborhood."

A London man broke into a Hachnasas Sefer Torah procession this Sunday, driving his car into the Jewish gathering.

The Hachnasas Sefer Torah was held on Sunday in Stamford Hill, London into the Beis Midrash of Vizhnitz, the Behadrey-Haredim news portal reported.
When the procession arrived in the area of Stamford Avenue, loud sirens were heard and a car drove quickly into the crowd.

"We were in the middle of the dancing, the joy was great. There were hundreds of people, men, women and many children. I suddenly heard a car honking behind me followed by screaming,” said bystander Moshe Birenbaum.

"I turned around and saw a car driven by a young gentile bursting into the crowd, and the crowd fled in fear to the sides,” he said.

"A group of participants tried to stop him but he almost ran them over. The non-Jew crossed the crowd and made abusive comments like: ‘You Jews won't take over our neighborhood.’”

"We called the police, but the police arrived much later since some roads were closed to traffic because of the Torah procession," Birenbaum added, according to the news portal.

Police eventually nabbed the perpetrator who confessed, marinating that that the Jews are taking over the neighborhood.
No one was injured during the incident.


Soul Food, July 29

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