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Today in History, April 30: 1935: Jews were no longer allowed to display the German flag. This was quite disturbing to the thousands of Jews who had fought for the Kaiser in World War I
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Official Iranian Doctrine: "Kill All Jews And Annihilate Israel!"

The prime lesson of Jewish history can be summed up like this: When someone says they are going to kill you, believe them.

Official Iranian Doctrine: Kill All Jews And Annihilate Israel!

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has outlined the religious justification on why it is acceptable to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel. But remember, this has nothing to do with Islam.

The prime lesson of Jewish history can be summed up like this: When someone says they are going to kill you, believe them.

If you ignore the threats, if you minimize the threats, if you make excuses or justify the threats you are enabling genocidiers.

The IslamoNazis of Iran have been killing Jews and Americans ever since they came to powerthanks a lot Jimmy Carter. America has never responded properly to this rogue nations terrorist acts. Even as Iranian Revolutionary Guards flooded Iraq with new and deadly IEDs, America has turned a blind eye. And just a few weeks ago, when an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador on U.S. soil was uncovered, the Obama administration expressed mild dismay and then let the matter drop.

Today, Iran is propping up the murderous Assad regime in Syria with Revolutionary Guard snipers and there are credible reports of Iranian troops penetrating Syria.

Its no wonder the Iranians, and the wider Muslim world, perceive Obama as a leaky vessel who routinely betrays Americas allies while sucking up to her enemies.

Islamist Iran is on the march. Emboldened by a nuclear umbrella, there would no limit to the mullahs imperial designs on the geopolitical map of the Middle East. Pretty soon Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the Sunni Gulf States would feel obliged to acquire nuclear weapons. The instability in the region would register as a series of seismic shocks whose end is impossible to predict, but a nuclear holocaust is most certainly in the script.

Israel must strike Iranian nuclear facilities while Obama seeks a second term. During this period, Obama will make all sorts of noise about an Israeli strike, but ultimately all he really cares about is getting reelected and a majority of the American people sensibly favor a strike on Iran. But if Obama should win a second termthe Republicans are just stupid enough to blow the electionhis implacable hostility to the Jewish State will emerge full-blown and Israels ability to act will be severely undermined.

A website with close ties to Irans supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has outlined why it would be acceptable to kill all Jews and annihilate Israel.

Conservative site Alef has published a doctrine detailing why the destruction of the nation and the slaughter of all its people would be legally and morally justified.

The doctrine, first reported by WND.com, warned that the chance to remove the corrupting material of Israel must not be lost and that it would only take nine minutes to wipe it out.

And it said it was a jurisprudential justification for Irans Islamic government to then take the helm.

The article, written by Khameneis strategy specialist Alireza Forghani, is now being run on most state-owned conservative sites, indicating it has the regimes support.

Full story at The Daily Mail.

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