Today in History, October 10: 1966: The Jewish musical duo, Simon and Garfunkel, released the album “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.”


rockets from gaza

Gaza Rockets Miss Israel, Hit Gaza

The rockets missed the mark and exploded on the Gazan side of the border. It is still unknown whether there were any injuries or damages.

idf force

Palestinians Reportedly Killed in Gaza-Israel Border Riot

Palestinian sources say a couple of Palestinians were killed by IDF forces.

john mccain

McCain: Terror Wave May be Due to Obama's Weakness

Ex-presidential candidate says Abbas acting with impunity, likely due to perceived American weakness in region.

ben carson holocaust and gun control

Ben Carson Blames Gun Control for the Holocaust

In an interview Thursday on CNN, Carson said fewer people would have been killed by the Nazis had more citizens been armed.


the pig

Jewplexed: Does Roger Waters Have an Inflated Self-View?

Roger Waters, co-founder of the British Rock group Pink Floyd, floats himself into the news so often that I wondered from what source a rocker from the 60’s still draws all that lift.


Jewplexed: In My Sukkah—Waiting For the Rain

Seeking shelter from the events of the world, I am writing this post in my sukkah, but will the worries of the world follow me here?

republican debate in a sukkah

Jewplexed: Candidates to Debate in My Sukkah?

Could the next Republican presidential debate be held in my sukkah?

Jewplexed: Is Being Trump Never Having to Say You’re Sorry?

Trump does say in his defense that he “can never apologize for the truth,” but isn’t that what we all defensively think after failing to put our brains in gear before putting our mouths in motion?


seinfeld is coming to israel

The Four Israeli Seinfeld Episodes We Wish Existed

In the spirit of Modern Seinfeld, a feed that imagines new “Seinfeld” episodes in the age of social media and Netflix, here's the best potential plots for Jerry going to Israel.


european parliament to remember israeli terror victims

European Parliament to Remember Israeli Victims of Terror Spree

The European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Israel said it will commemorate victims of what the body called “acts of terror” in the past week.

howard stern and roger waters

Howard Stern Slams Roger Waters for Boycotting Israel

“Where do you want the Jews to go, Roger? You want them just to go back to the concentration camps?"


flag of spain

Spain Begins Review of Sephardic Jews’ Citizenship Applications

Officials in Spain will begin reviewing citizenship applications by some 4,500 individuals who identified themselves as descendants of Sephardic Jews.

holocaust survivors

Obama Administration Appropriates $12M for Holocaust Survivors

$12 million will be awarded for assistance to Holocaust survivors.

kuwait airways

Kuwait Airways Found to Have Discriminated Against Israelis

United States government determines that Kuwait Airways discriminated against an Israeli by refusing to sell him a ticket.


Tens of Thousands Receive Priestly Blessing at Western Wall

Tens of thousands gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem amid heavy security for the holiday priestly blessing.



Shabbat: TGIF

Stop the world, I want to get off!

Simchat Torah of a Cantonist

At the height of rejoicing, one of the old soldiers, dancing with a Scroll of the Torah in his arms, puffed his shirt open, disclosing deep scars on his chest and shoulders, and sang, 'Torah, Torah, I love thee.'

sefer torah

A Soviet Simchat Torah

For the Jews of Soviet Russia, Simchat Torah was the one opportunity to celebrate who they were. They had no other holidays to experience the various aspects of their Jewishness or their connection to each other.


Simchat Torah/Shemini Atzeret Overview

Simchat Torah is characterized by utterly unbridled joy, which surpasses even the joy of Sukkot. 

Soul Food, October 10

If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress.-Barack Obama